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    For nearly 20 years Rory Rennick has performed professionally as a magician following a 15-year career in the mental health field. For over a decade he has combined his acting, motivational speaking and prestidigitation skills to present the incredible story of the enslaved-turned-magic entertainer Henry “Box” Brown. 

    Rory is considered one of the foremost authorities on black magicians and Henry “Box” Brown in particular. His book debut of Henry “Box” Brown’s Legacy and My Life With Him has been one of the most anticipated readings of 2021.

    Besides writing, producing and being featured in a full-length stage play about “Box” Brown, Rory has performed with various theater groups and has lectured to thousands as an arts educator with the Ohio Alliance for Arts Education and We’ve Known Rivers. He is also a member of the Ohio Storytellers Network and the Ohio Local History Alliance. He is a founding member and historian of the International Association of Black Magical Artists. 

    He was a consultant and a voiceover artist featured on the award-winning documentary: Quiet Masters - The History and Relevance of the Black Magical Artist. Among Rory’s other varied interests are writing articles about the world’s largest niche collection of African diaspora/black-imaged playing cards, which he owns. 

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